School of Systems Science,BNU


Systems Science of Beijing Normal University was founded quite early and has owned its outstanding features and advantages. In 1979, Institute of Non-Equilibrium System was established; in 1985, the subject of Systems Theory was founded and many efforts were put purposefully to build up Systems Science. In the past three decades, Systems Science of Beijing Normal University has become a competitively, potentially advantageous discipline for its strong foundation, prominent features and solid strength. In 1990, BNU became one of the first Systems Theory doctorate degree authorized units; in 1998, the first national post-doctoral research station of Systems Science was established in BNU; in 2000, Systems Science of BNU was authorized to confer first-level doctoral degree; in 2001, Science Theory was awarded as the only national key subject in Systems Science; in 2003, Systems Science became Project 211 key construction program of the 10th Five-Year Plan in BNU and in 2005, it became one of the Project 985 construction programs; in 2004, Complexity Research Center was established and Systems Science of BNU ranked No.1 in first-level discipline assessment; in 2007, it passed again the key discipline assessment organized by Ministry of Education. In January 2012, Systems Science of BNU ranked No.2 in the discipline assessment in China. In April 2013, School of Systems Science was established in BNU.

Vision and Mission



The school aims to be an internationally excellent base for complex scientific research and talents-training, to be a national pioneer of Systems Science construction and development, to be an important platform for BNU interdisciplinary research and scientific innovation.



Exploring the complexity to deepen human’s understanding towards nature and society; Advancing the foundation and the frontier science research of Systems Science; Cultivating high-level talents with comprehensive qualities and abilities; Transforming the academic progress of Systems Science into the forces for social and economic development.