School of Systems Science,BNU


Executives of School of Systems Science:


Zengru Di: the Dean, responsible for the school’s administrative work, in charge of the administrative affairs


Honggang Li: the Secretary, in charge of personnel and financial work


Zhangang Han: the Deputy Dean, in charge of discipline construction, scientific research, teaching, foreign affairs and international communication work


Mingzhi Cai: the Deputy Dean, in charge of the commercialization of technological achievements, social services and Development Committee work.


Ya Zhou: Assistant to the Dean, in charge of professional masters’ work


Tao Zheng: Office Director, in charge of School Office work



Office of School of Systems Science:


Tao Zheng: Office Director, and financial secretary Tel: 010-58807880


Xiaojuan Song: Secretary of educational administration, scientific research and Personnel work


Office Email Address: