School of Systems Science,BNU


In 2013, School of Systems Science was established in BNU.
In 2007, Systems Science of BNU passed again the key discipline assessment organized by Ministry of Education.
In 2004, Systems Science of BNU ranked No.1 in first-level discipline assessment in China.
In 2004, Complexity Research Center of BNU was established.
In 2001, Science Theory of BNU was awarded as the only national key subject in Systems Science in China.
In 2001, BNU School of Management was reorganized.
In 2000, Systems Science of BNU was authorized to confer first-level doctoral degree.
In 1998, the first national post-doctoral research station of Systems Science was established in BNU.
In 1995, BNU Department of Systems Science was set up.
In 1994, BNU School of Management was founded.
In 1990, BNU became one of the first Systems Theory doctorate degree authorized units.
In 1985, Bachelor Degree of Systems Science started enrollment.
In 1985, Teaching and Research Group of Systems Theory was set up in BNU School of Physics.
In 1979, Institute of Non-Equilibrium System was established in BNU.