School of Systems Science,BNU

Research Centers

Institute for the Research on Noneqpulibrium Systems

Director: Professor Xiaofeng Shen

Fields of Study:

1. Self-organization in Nonequilibrium Systems
2. Noneqiulibrium Transportation
3. Fluctuation in Nonequilibium, Nonlinear Systems
4. Nonequilibrium Phase Transition
5. Systematic Methodology

Center for Complexity Research

Director: Professor Wenxu Wang

Fields of Study:

1. The Mechanism for Pattern Formation in Nonequilibrium Systems
2. Complex Networks: Structure, Function, and Control
3. Complexity in Social and Economic Systems
4. Complexity in Biological and Ecological Systems
5. Multi-Agent Systems and Complex Adaptive Systems

Reserach Center for Financial Engineering

Director: Professor Honggang Li

Fields of Study:

1. Complexity of financial system
2. Agent-based modelling on evolution of financial market
3. Network of financial institute and dynamics of debt
4. Mechanism and management of financial systemic risk
5. Financial data analysis and pattern recognition

Laboratory of System Analysis and Synthesi

Director: Professor Zhangang Han

Fields of Study:

1. Social behavior experiments on human group decision making
2. Collective behavior experiments on eusocial insect group and fish school
3. Neuro mechanism in group decision making
4. Collective behavior experiments on multi agent systems
5. Platform for group decision making on social economic systems

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Laborotary

Director: Professor Ping Guo

Fields of Study mainly in image and graphics intelligent processing, pattern recognition theory and method, as well as applications :
1. Theory and method of computational intelligence
2. Computer graphics and virtual reality (VR) techniques
3. Image semantic analysis as well as applications
4. Big Astronomy data analyzing and processing techniques
5. Spectrum pattern recognition