The Workshop of Systems Science First-class Discipline Construction was Held by the College

Author: 2017-06-23

On the morning of June 16th, we held a faculty meeting on which President Di Zengru informed of the progress of double first-class work as well as the related work plan of our school. He called on all teachers to actively participate in the construction scheme, and to make contributions to the scheme. All teachers showed great enthusiasm and confidence to it and have said that the discipline construction is the foundation of our school, and the major strategic decision on the construction of the world first-class university and discipline issued by the CPC Central Committee and State Council, is an important opportunity for systems science construction. We should make full use of existing resources and new opportunities, focus on the center of discipline construction, fulfill all fields of our work including personnel training, scientific research, international cooperation and social service, and promote the coordinated development of our college and personal career. Later, the teachers proposed opinions and suggestions on perfecting the personnel training system, improving the quality of students, innovating teaching ideas and talents cultivation mode, expanding the channels of high-level talents introduction and improving postdoctoral appointment mechanism.