EDP Center Held a Symposium about Requirements of the Senior Seminar to Support Education Administration Plan of Qingyang City

Author: 2017-11-06

In September 21, 2017, the symposium on the requirements of trainings for “Qingyang municipal government-Beijing Normal University Education Administration Pilot Project of Senior Seminar” was held in the conference room No. 608 of School of Systems Science. This symposium aimed to deepen mutual understanding, make clear the requirements and promote the project plan through communication. People Attended in this symposium included Yan Fei (deputy director of the education bureau of Qingyang city, Gansu province), Wang Rong (deputy chief of personnel office of the education bureau), Li Honggang (branch secretary directly affiliated to School of Systems Science), Li Keqiang (head of BNU graduates teaching supervision committee), Zhou Si from BNU domestic cooperation office, and the related personnel from the EDP center.

At the symposium, Zhou Ya, executive director of the EDP center, introduced training plan of the senior seminar prepared by the EDP center. Prof. Zhou Ya first started his introduction with the relevant background that both BNU and the systems science discipline of BNU were included in the selected list of “Double First-Class Initiative”, then he introduced the senior seminar themed “the comprehensive reform of system science and regional education” with our existing comprehensive strength in macro education management, and explained from the perspectives of time, objects, forms, course design, instructor teams and so on. Prof. Li Honggang and Prof. Li Keqiang made a further supplement to the proposed plan. They pointed that BNU would make every attempt to serve this senior seminar of Qingyang city regardless of the costs. In addition, they further clarified that the course system integrated experts and scholars from BNU Faculty of Education, BNU School of Government, BNU Business School, Beijing Academy of Educational Science and other educational institutions to shoulder to shoulder diagnose and then analyze problems in the education development of Qingyang city, before finally providing suggestions and solutions. This is one of the major features of the course system.

Later, Mr. Wang (deputy chief of personnel office of the education bureau), gave some suggestions on how to implement the senior seminar course. Mr. Yan (deputy director of the education bureau of Qingyang city, Gansu province) concluded with a speech with satisfaction and recognition for the overall plan of the senior seminar. Then he came up with many specific suggestions that the political position of the seminar should be improved; that the seminar should be further combined with the actual situations of macro management education in Qingyang city; that the service orientation of the senior seminar should be classified. Mr. Yan stressed that the training should pay attention to effectiveness for a given period of time, and he suggested that the seminar could run a class with different group discussions. The three sides then carried out in-depth and effective communication about the plan, and recommended that the EDP center should further revise the plan, and summit to the education bureau of Qingyang city. Ultimate version of the plan will be made after the education bureau submit to Qingyang municipal government for review and approval.

According to the agreement, our School will establish a three-year senior seminar training for three times to 250 education administration officers from Qingyang city, so as to improve their service capacity and basic quality. The senior seminar is a part of “the innovative and coordinated Plan for improving basic education quality in Qingyang” funded by the Beautiful Teacher Foundation.