Welcome the First Batch of Graduates of the Double First-class Initiative

Author: 2017-09-06

School of Systems Science Successfully Completed the Orientation Work

The year of 2017 is the pivotal year of the School of Systems Science. In the first half of the year, Systems Science, as the key construction subject, has finished the planning work of the double first-class construction. New beginning, new journey. September 3, 2017 is the orientation day of Beijing Normal University. The campus is full of vitality and School of Systems Science has also ushered in the first batch of graduates of the double first-class construction.

To serve the graduate recruits well, our volunteers have prepared adequately early in the morning. With new arrivals getting here, volunteers explain all kinds of enrollment procedures patiently, carrying forward the spirit of preciseness, pragmatism, dedication and gregarious harmony of the college.

In the process of orientation, president Dong Qi, deputy secretary Li Xiaobing, vice president Shi Peijun and other officers of functional departments came to our orientation shed for inspection and conducted in-depth exchanges with Dean Di Zengru and Secretary Li Honggang to understand the college enrollment and the training of personnel in recent years, to fully affirm the edge of systems science and the charm of interdiscipline, to praise the spirit of enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers, and encouraged all the teachers and students to continue achieving more accomplishments on the brand new double first-class stage. Under the joint efforts of all sorts of departments, the orientation work of School of Systems Science on the afternoon of September 3, 2017 successfully concluded.

Cross discipline has its unique charm. Systems science renders the vitality and the vigor to the cross discipline. With the new power poured in, systems science will be better and better, and the influence will be more influential. We believe that through the joint efforts of all the teachers and students, we will create a better future.