Changes to the Table of Contents of Physical Review E

Author:Di Zengru 2016-01-07
2016年1月4日,Physical Review E编辑部发布通告,为了更好的反映研究领域的特点,期刊目录中Networks and Interdisciplinary Physics更名为Networks and Complex Systems,详见PRE编辑部通告。
Announcement: Changes to the Table of Contents of Physical Review E 
The editors of Physical Review E are pleased to announce the following changes to the journal’s table of contents. The section titled “Networks and Interdisciplinary Physics” has been renamed “Networks and Complex Systems” to better reflect its scope. In response to the renewed interest in solid mechanics, we have created a new section dedicated to this subject. The section title “Colloids and Complex Fluids” has been expanded to include active matter, another subject that has recently grown in interest. The “Classical Physics” section has been retired: this section had become quite small, and the subject areas that were previously covered by the section will be published by other, appropriate, sections of the journal. 
Finally, the sections of Physical Review E have been reordered for better alignment with the major areas covered by the journal. 
Published 4 January 2016 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.93.010001