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I am a professor of physics and systems science in the School of Systems Science at Beijing Normal University. Currently I am working in quantum transport, game theory, scientometrics, general input-output analysis, Chinese characters and more general learning theory (The latter three might be seen as applications of network science to problem solving in various disciplines).

Supervising actively graduate students and post-docs.

Here are my CV (in doc and pdf format) and a list of publications,

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Or you may take a look at the Chinese version (中文版) of this website: 吴金闪在北京师范大学的主页.

Research Interests and miscellaneous ideas

Physics is all about interactions. It is also interaction that makes the world diverse (instead of homogeneous), beautiful and worth studying. Statistical physics starts from theories and their related computational techniques for collections of non-interacting units (thus non-interacting systems) and then moves to dealing with interacting systems, where one unit of the system is connected to others. Dealing with such interactions at microscopic level is called mechanics (we have classical and quantum mechanics), while dealing with such interactions at macroscopic level, sometimes phenomenologically, is called thermodynamics, and here comes the statistical mechanics or statistical physics when asking for the bridge between the micro and the macro level.

First major theme that I am working on is theoretical and computational foundations of statistical physics: why the Boltzmann distribution is valid for equilibrium statistical systems and what is the correspondence for non-equilibrium but still stationary systems, especially when the system has quantum nature and is interacting?

Second, beyond physics objects, there are other interacting systems, can the theories and computational techniques from statistical physics be applied to them, such as interactions among rational (full or partial) and intellectual agencies. This is where I started to look into game theory, a theory about agencies, which are quite often human being, with conflicting interests.

There are other more general interacting systems too, such as a collection of Chinese characters (they are different from a collection of light bulbs), a set of research papers, a set of all kinds of industrial products, a set of science concepts. This drives me into the third topic that I am actively working on now and hopefully for the future: network science and its application to (also back action from) scientometrics, knowledge management, meaningful learning and input-output analysis.

Recently, inspired and developed from our previous studies on applications of network science, or big physics, or systems science, to scientometrics, knowledge management, meaningful learning, and input-output analysis, we have established the Institute of Educational System Science (IESS) to work a new model of education and also a new model of scientometrics. Please visit the IESS website for more details.

Sometimes, my thoughts get stuck in foundations of quantum mechanics too. It is such a fascinating field and it drives me into excited states all the time.

I enjoy reading and working on creative questions which also have fundamental importance -- those might improve our understanding of the world, natural or social. I like those even more if results/methods developed from those investigations have some practical potential.

Here are the more detailed description of each topic.





Selected articles from Jinshan's Blog(in Chinese)

If you are interested in any of those not-yet-started projects and you think you might proceed faster than me, I am happy to share my thoughts.

If you are looking for a PH.D., a post-doc position, or even a faculty position in physics (with specialty in quantum transport, statistical physics), systems science (with specialty in game theory, scientometrics, natural language processing, input-output analysis) or mathematics (with specialty in numerical linear algebra, stochastic process), please send me an email or visit this web page.

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