Wang Yougui
New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan

Address: Science & Tech. Building 623(B), Beijing Normal University
ZIP code: 100875
Telephone: +86 10 58807067

Educational Experiences:

1997 Ph.D., Changchun institute of physics, CAS
1994 Master, Changchun institute of physics, CAS
1991 Bachelor, Department of Physics, JLU

Work Experience:

2004- Professor, School of Systems Science
2006-2007 Visiting Scholar, BU
2001-2005 Director, SS Department, BNU
2000-2004 Associate Professor, SSS, BNU
1997-1999 Postdoctor, Theoretical Physics, BNU

Research Interests:

(1) In the field of Engagement Economics: He studies currency circulation, debt circulation and its micro foundation; focuses on the money creation process and inflation in economics; studies the operation and function of banking system and shadow banking system; explores the mechanism of debt crisis, financial crisis and economic crisis.

(2) In the field of Complexity Economics: He studies how certain pattern emerge as a whole when individuals of incomplete ration and adaptive behavior interact with each other, especially the cause of the scale distribution in socioeconomic system; designs liquidity measurement index and analyzes its effect on scale distribution; studies the effective approach and mechanism of real market.

(3) In the field of Virtualized Economics: He studies the basic problems in Engagement Economics and Complexity Economics through simple artificial tectonic model, such as currency exchange model, agent model and stock-flow consistence model; explains complex economic phenomenon as a result of the interaction of simple individual.  

Professional Affiliations:

Wang is the founding member of WEA, member of NESS, and member of Fulbright Alumni Association, a Sino-American culture exchange program.


Undergraduate courses: Micro Economic Analysis, Macro Economic Analysis