Guo Ping

Address: Science & Tech. Building 613(B), Beijing Normal University
ZIP code: 100875
Telephone: +86 10 58807063

Educational Experiences:

1997-2001 Ph.D., CUHK
1980-1983 Mastor, Peking University
1977-1980 Bachelor, Peking University

Work Experience:

1993 -1994 Visiting Scholar, Wright State University
2000.5 - 2000.8 Visiting Scholar, CAS
2005.6 - 2005.12 Visiting Scholar, CUHK

Research Interests:

Dr. GUO Ping (IEEE Senior Member) is currently a Professor at the School of System Science of the Beijing Normal University and the School of Computer Science & Technology of Beijing Institute of Technology. From 1993 to 1994 he was with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the Wright State University as a visiting faculty. From 2000.5 to 2000.8 he was with the National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition at Chinese Academy of Sciences as a research associate. From 2005.7 to 2005.12 he was with the Computer Science Department at The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a research associate. He received his in Optics from Peking University, his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His current research interests include computational intelligence, image processing, pattern recognition, software reliability engineering, optical computing and spectral analysis.

Professional Affiliations: