Teachers and Cooperators closely related with the projects

I came from Beijing Normal University, where I benefitted from many teachers and directors. I ever had an idea of writing an essay about the characters and experience of some teachers when I was preparing my master thesis, but never finished it. Now I think, I will write down here by small and small. First, let me introduce teachers closely related with some of the projects listed on the home page.

Teachers who I benefit greatly I will not list everyone here, but I promise I will add one by one occasionally when some memory and ideas come to me.

Some very very old friends and relatives whom I owned much to

I am a lucky guy. Although I grew up in families with material difficulties, but filled with happiness and spiritual wealth. And partially it is because that we have many good relatives and many many good friends.

To my girlfriend

The last part here, I wish to devote to my girlfriend, Qian Feng, a beautiful, understanding, and sweet-temper girl. Since I miss her everyday, I reserved this special place for her to upload new photos at anytime so that I can take a look at anytime and anyplace as I wish.

Private Photo Gallery:

Happy Birthday(Thanks given to Yang Guo and Dahui Wang for their great help)