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1.         中国,台北,2015620-22日,第21届计算经济与金融国际会议(21st Computing in Economics and Finance),李红刚教授、陈清华副教授,研究生周璇和张扬锐,以及本科生幸小芸,报告:“Financial Systemic Risk Based on Liquidity Dynamic Allocation in Interbank Network”“A Multi-Agent Model For Lowest Unique Bid Auction”“Buying on Margin, Selling Short in an Artificial Double Auction Market”“The Research of Investor’s Social Network and the Volatility of Market Price”“Local Network Effect and Competition Model”

2.         加拿大,Edmonton2015619日,加拿大物理学年会(CAP Congress 2015),吴金闪副教授,报告:“Which subfield of physics is more influential? ”。

3.         美国,亚利桑那州凤凰城,2015928-102日,2015年复杂系统年会(2015 Conference on Complex Systems ),韩战钢教授、狄增如教授、樊瑛教授、陈清华副教授、李小萌博士、博士生牛琪锴和硕士生周建林,报告:   

a)         Xu Hongzhong, Li Xiaomeng, Chen Qinghua, Zhang Jiang, Chen Jiawei, Map out the Global Mobility Restrictions, Based on the Data of Multilateral International Migration Flow.

b)        Chen Qinghua, Hu Rui, Li Xiaomeng, Zheng Tao, Heterogeneities in Statistics and Evolution of Individual Donations for Wenchuan Earthquake.

c)         Shen Zhesi, Di Zengru, Wang Wenxu, Locating the Source of Spreading in Complex Networks.

d)        Han Zhangang, Jiang Li, Li Geng, Yang Sicong, Understanding Integration in Collective Behavior with Experiments.

e)         Chen Qinghua, Huang Zigang, Wang Yougui, Lai Yingcheng, Multi-Agent Model and Mean Field Theory of Complex Auction Dynamics.

f)         Nui Qikai, Zeng An, Fan Ying, Di Zengru, Identifying the Representative Works of Scientists.

g)        Zhou Jianlin, Zeng An, Fan Ying, Di Zengru,Ranking Scientific Publications with Similarity-Preferential Mechanism.

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