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1.         中国,上海,华东理工大学,2014530-61, 经济物理学国际会议暨亚太经济物理学2014年度会议(International Conferenceon Econophysics, Asia-PacificEconophysics Conference 2014)王有贵教授“Money,Debt, and Aggregate Demand” 邀请报告。

2.         美国,加州大学伯克利分校,201462-6日,NetSci2014会议,狄增如教授、樊瑛教授及研究生韩晓、沈哲思,Poster1. Zhesi Shen, Shinan Cao, Ying Fan, Zengru Di, Wenxu Wang and Eugene Stanley. Locating the source of spreading in complex networks: locatability versus incomplete information. 2. Ying Fan, Zengru Di and Wenxu Wang. Identifying and characterizing key nodes between communities based on electrical-circuit networks. 3. Xiao Han, Zhesi Shen, Wenxu Wang and Zengru Di. System Reconstruction for Networked Ultimatum Game from Time Series. 3. Zhesi Shen, Wen-Xu Wang, Ying Fan, Zengru Di and Ying-Cheng Lai. Reconstructing Propagation Networks with Natural Diversity and Identifying Hidden Source. 其中Poster 1 被评为大会Outstanding Poster

3.         中国,天津大学,2014617-19日,第19(2014)异质交互个体经济学国际研讨会(19th Workshop on Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents),李红刚教授、王有贵教授、张江副教授,博士生李江、李睿琪、熊婉婷,硕士生周怡辰、周璇、张扬锐、楼晓丹、郭良柱、石永彬、张煜霞,报告:

a)         Jiang Li and Honggang Li, "Dynamic allocation of liquidity and risk contagion on a bank network".

b)         Yichen Zhou and Honggang Li, "Assets Diversification and Systemic Risk in Financial System".

c)         Xuan Zhou and Honggang Li, "Buying on margin, selling short in an artificial double auction market".

d)        Yangrui Zhang and Honggang Li, "The model of artificial stock market under different network structures".

e)         Xiaodan Lou and Jiang Zhang, "Income, wealth and growth in a virtual economy —— An empirical analysis of the BitCoin".   

f)         Yongbin Shi and Yougui Wang, "Rating the raters via nonparametric methods”.

g)        Ruiqi Li, Deli He and Jiang Zhang, "Simple rule yields complex city".

h)        Wanting Xiong, Han Fu and Yougui Wang, "Adaptive learning in ultimatum game: A master equation approach ".

i)          Han Fu, Wanting Xiong and Yougui Wang, "Money creation and circulation in a credit economy".

j)          Boyao Li and Yougui Wang, "Impacts of the liquidity regulation over banks on macroeconomic stability".

k)        Liangzhu Guo and Jiang Zhang, "Controllability of Input-output Network".

l)          Deli He, Jiang Zhang,“The velocity of money in digital cash system”.

4.         中国,北京,2014624-25日,“Statistical Physics of Active Matter”,韩战钢教授(研讨会委员会成员)、博士生李耕、姜立,硕士生周旋军、齐征、高占伟,报告:“Information Sharing in some typical collective behavior systems”。

5.         意大利,卢卡,2014922-26日,欧洲复杂系统国际会议,张江副教授、博士生李睿琪,报告:Simple rule yields complex cityEpidemic spreading on multirelational networks

6.         巴西,圣托斯,2014925日,Sixth International Conference on Concept Mapping,吴金闪副教授,报告:Teach Less, Learn More' Needs A Cmap-based Infrastructure: Perspectives and Plans

7.         中国,宜昌,20141012-16日,Statistical Physics and Mathematics for Complex SystemsSPMCS 2014),王有贵教授和吴金闪副教授,报告:Emergence of Aggregation in a CollectiveGame with Mutually Beneficial AgentsInterrelations among scientific fields and their relative influence revealed by input-output analysis

8.         中国,湖南长沙,20141017日至19日,第十届全国复杂网络大会,狄增如教授、樊瑛教授,博士生赵琛、林国强、李睿琪、牛琪锴、高欣东、韩晓和硕士生符玲、姚丽阳、李婧文,报告:

a)         狄增如, 复杂网络上传播源头的定位问题”.

b)        符玲, 最大小法定位复杂网络传播中的多源头.

c)         牛琪锴, Robustness of centrality measures against network manipulation.

d)        李睿琪, Simple Rule Yields Complex City.

e)         姚丽阳, Ranking scientific publications: the effect of nonlinearity.

f)         韩晓, Network Structure Promotes Social Diversity.

g)        林国强, Modeling and controlling the two-phase dynamics of the p53 network: A Boolean network approach

9.         中国,合肥,20141025-26日,中国系统工程学会第九届全国会员代表大会暨第十八届学术年会,狄增如教授、李红刚教授、王有贵教授,报告:

a)         王有贵, 储蓄行为以及宏观经济后果

b)        李红刚, 资产分散化及金融系统性风险

10.     美国,华盛顿,20141115-1119日,第44届神经科学年会,王大辉教授和硕士研究生周幻园,Poster:关于多巴胺和外侧缰核神经元的时相性活动动力学机制。

11.    中国,香港中文大学和澳门大学,20141128-122日,The Eleventh International Symposium on Neural Networks第十一届神经网络国际研讨会(ISNN2014),陈家伟副教授应邀前往,报告:PERCEPTUAL LEARNING MODEL ON RECOGNIZING CHINESE CHARACTERS汉字认知的知觉学习模型。

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