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[成果] 从复杂系统角度看科学学The science of science: From the perspective of complex systems

作者:An Zeng, Zhesi Shen, Jianlin Zhou, Jinshan Wu, Ying Fan, Yougui Wang, H. Eugene Stanley,

杂志:Physics Reports




我校系统科学学院副教授曾安受邀在物理学权威综述期刊《Physics Reports》发表题为The science of science: From the perspective of complex systems的综述文章。这是我校第二篇以北京师范大学作为第一单位在《Physics Reports》发表的综述文章。该期刊五年影响因子为22.0,在所有物理学期刊中排名第二。






The science of science (SOS) is a rapidly developing field which aims to understand, quantify and predict scientific research and the resulting outcomes. The problem is essentially related to almost all scientific disciplines and thus has attracted attention of scholars from different backgrounds. Progress on SOS will lead to better solutions for many challenging issues, ranging from the selection of candidate faculty members by a university to the development of research fields to which a country should give priority. While different measurements have been designed to evaluate the scientific impact of scholars, journals and academic institutions, the multiplex structure, dynamics and evolution mechanisms of the whole system have been much less studied until recently. In this article, we review the recent advances in SOS, aiming to cover the topics from empirical study, network analysis, mechanistic models, ranking, prediction, and many important related issues. The results summarized in this review significantly deepen our understanding of the underlying mechanisms and statistical rules governing the science system. Finally, we review the forefront of SOS research and point out the specific difficulties as they arise from different contexts, so as to stimulate further efforts in this emerging interdisciplinary field.




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