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[成果] 杰出学者对青年学者职业生涯的影响

研究成果:Qi, M., Zeng, A., Li, M. et al. Scientometrics (2017). doi:10.1007/s11192-017-2328-8






Collaboration is one of the key features in scientific research. With more and more knowledge accumulated in each discipline, individual researcher can only be an expert in some specific areas. As such, there are more and more multi-author papers nowadays. Many works in scientometrics have been devoted to analyze the structure of collaboration networks. However, how the collaboration impacts an author’s future career is much less studied in the literature. In this paper, we provide empirical evidence with American Physical Society (APS) data showing that collaboration with outstanding scientists (measured by their total citation) will significantly improve young researchers’ career. Interestingly, this effect is strongly nonlinear and subject to a power function with an exponent less than 1. Our work is also meaningful from practical point of view as it could be applied to identifying the potential young researchers.






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