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[成果] 生物能源在能源、食物和自然生态系统可持续中的地位

研究成果:Lilibeth A., D. Magcale-Macandog, K. Kumar, X. Cui, E. Eugenio, P. Macandog, A. Salvacion, J. Eugenio, 2016: The role of bioenergy in enhancing energy, food and ecosystem sustainability based on societal perceptions and preferences in Asia, Agriculture, 6, 2, 19.







This paper discussed the analysis of the survey on sustainability of bioenergy conducted

in the Philippines, India and China. It acquired general perceptions of the people by asking them (a) specific questions about their level of familiarity with bioenergy; (b) relationship of their work to bioenergy; and (c) their opinion on contribution of various feedstock on the economy and impact of bioenergy production on food security. In addition to these questions, we estimated preference weights of various feedstock based on the conjoint choices on bioenergy’s contribution to social stability, social welfare and ecological balance. The estimates revealed significant trade-offs not only among these three dimensions of sustainability but also the relative importance of energy security, food security and ecosystem capacity to other economic, social and environmental objectives. The types of first generation feedstock that are currently used for biofuel production in the respective countries and those that offer alternative household use are perceived as important to the economy and preferred bioenergy feedstock. Based on the results of the study, the preferred role of bioenergy for sustainable development reflects the social and economic concerns in the respective Asian countries, e.g., energy security in China, food security in India, and ecosystem degradation in the Philippines.







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